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SINA - guitar, iron lungs, volume, KEVN- bass, CHRIS+KEVIN - battery 2005-2009

SINA - guitar, iron lungs, volume, NILA - bass, CLEM - battery 1996-2005


fifth Beatle Billy Anderson
road mgr + attorney Three Merians
tour merch girl Emily

graphic design, Nila + Sina
video production Sina

booking agent Brian
manager Laura
labels: Man’s Ruin, Small Stone, Rise Above UK,

Mudflap NYC, High Times Records
recording studios LoHo NYC, Sharkbite, House of Illtet Get Reel, Rolling Stones Mobile

studios RegularFIPs, Secret
engineers Billy Anderson, Greg Gordon

Joe Hogan, Rob Preston
producer Sina


---------------------------------- you are only as good as your crew.

if it ain't heavy ain't shit

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From Vancouver to Croatia, BOTTOM is honored to share stages with hundreds of rock-outfits including:

AFI, Alabama Thunder Pussy, AlienAntFarm, AcidKing, Action Daddy (ex-CrashWorship), Atomic Bitchwax, Backyard Babies, Bell Rays, Black Halos, Blessing the Hogs, Buzzov*n, Buckcherry, Cannibal Corps, Candy Snatchers, The Chiefs, Crisis, Converge, Cosmic Psychos, Cutthroats-9 (ex-unsane), D-Generation, Dillinger Escape Plan, Distillers, Doro, Dropkick Murphys, Electric Wizard, The Fall, Everlast, FrankenOrange, Drivin'n'Cryin', Goatwhore, Gorgon, Hank Williams Jr. III, Heroine Sheiks, High On Fire, Honky Toast, Hirax, H2O, Jucifer, Joey Ramone + the Independents, Leadfoot, Lenny Kaye, Los Natas, Las Cruces, Ludicra, Lunachicks, Nashville Pussy, Nile, Mastodon, Mike Watt, Melt Banana, Misfits, Monster Magnet, Murphy's Law, Nebula, Pansy Division, Pigmy Love Circus, men of PORN, Raging Slab, Rancid, Rollins Band, Shine, Sister Sin, Soulfly/Sepultura, Speedealer, Sons of Otis, Sons of Ralph, Spirit Caravan, Suicide Kings, Step Kings, 60 Watt Shaman, Superthrive, Suplecs, 311, Toilet Boys, Thrones, Trouble, and Wisdom Tooth, Vile, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Unida, YOB, Zeke and more.

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